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The Tao of Shortcuts Mastery ? Mouth of the Horse?

Welcome to the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery

It's truly phenomenal, in that phenomena are those things we can't explain, that these shortcuts work so fast, so effective, that we don't waste time explaining the 'why' and 'how,' because they're virtually instantaneous.

We just want you to hush up and use these shortcuts today. No one says you have to be a genius and use all of them. Pick any two, although several will rank among your favorites.

We don't merely think this is true; we know it.


5,200 individual interviews with people who are role models. Masters, self-made millionaires, Olympic champions and billionaires

Do we not describe them, at the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery, and elsewhere, as the horse's mouth?

Grandpa always asked, "If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, which end of the horse ARE you getting it from.?"

No rocket science degree is required for you to figure out precisely why you have two ears and one mouth, at the same time that you have two eyes and one mouth. Don't bother reading further than this paragraph. Either you're stupid, or you're smart. We can't tell if you're smart by what you say (you might be merely good at remembering facts), we can only tell if you're smart by what you do. It is the first and last definition of success OR wisdom OR basic brains.

Please explain out loud to the person closest to you, right now, even if it's yourself, why you have two ears, and two eyes and two nostrils, and only one mouth?

This particular Powergem, or shortcut is called, "GRAB a mentor." Do not grab, do not Grab. No, you must GRAB a mentor. Find ten and twenty and thirty and yes, a hundred world-class people in your field of interest. I promise you, there are more than a hundred people who are top-notch and free to you. I don't care if you're into cross-country truckdriving or being a surgeon, wrestling Midget Australian lesbians, or memorizing chunks of the never-ending number, pi.

If you knew better, you'd do better. That's the bottom line. True, or not? If you knew better, you'd do it better. All the brains in the world mean bupkus until you demonstrate those brains with action. When Jack Welsh took over the enormous, FOUR BILLION dollar General Electric, they handed him an enormous compensation package, and an broader set of responsibilities. When he guided the company over the years into an additional value of not merely two hundred million dollars, which sounds like a big paycheck to me, rather, an additional two hundred billion dollars in market value, we knew that this poor, unlikely to succeed kind of kid had tapped into life's major powergems. When he guided the company over another seven years of growing, yes, an additional two hundred and fifty billions of dollars more than before, he proved that he knows what he's doing. So when he offers an opinion that conflicts with yours, pray tell what could conceivably induce us to even acknowledge your puny presence in the company of men and women like Mr. Robert DiNicola, head of Macy's, head of the bigger Federated Dep't stores, ended up bringing them both together, moved onto the almost-dead-broke Zayles' Diamonds and put them back into profitability, or Anton, NYSE Director, a kid with 'no chance' in life becoming such a fulfillingly successful man?

Are they not the horse's mouth?

With no wish at all to offend or prickle you uncomfortably except as far as it may help you to knock yourself out of your comfort zone, the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery is willing to be repeat unto assimilation the association with horses.

The Tao of Shortcuts Mastery enjoys a critical comfort with horses, as does with very particular focus upon the correct part of the horse's anatomy.

The happy overlap is as universal as any other master secret of the universe:

Get it from the horse's mouth, or get caught at the wrong end of the horse.

Make it a mantra, if need be. Put photos of horses on your bedroom wall. Put portraits of horses in your living rooms, dens, outhouses and personal sauna baths. Keep the horse in mind because every field of human endeavor has people in that top one, two, even ten percent. They are the horse's mouth. These are the people we get the most deliciously effective shortcuts from. Who knows better than masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires? Mr. DiNicola, such a warm and personable man, did not guide such a string of successes by luck, any further than the acronymic feature of luck, Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. You can be entirely confident that Robert DiNicola did not wave his hands to make magic. He took tiny steps every day. Throughout his career he always put at least one of his two ears close the mouth of this horse, that horse, and any other winning horse who'd earned his respect.

Please, bore it into your mind so that you will act more frequently upon this PowerGem of both schools of thought that guide us to live happier, healthier, longer lives without the misery attendant upon the arrival into late fifties, sixties, and any decades beyond that might be granted. These people know better than you and better than me. That's the bad news, with respect to ego, pride, and other silly things beneath the notice of anyone embracing the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery, living the best features of the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery, knowing that everything ultimately resolves, even if not to our perfect satisfaction, understanding that every moment of pre-event stress is a theft from performance.

Every consideration of worrying about what is unlikely to happen anyway is a theft from your own performance, no champion horse in the house tonight.

If you like, focus on the conceivably-overwhelming gap between you and such masters and millionaires and champions doing something far better than you, or tap into what they are doing so that you create and deliver the best of your own internal innovations, expectations, and ideas.

Focus on the bad news that they are so much better at it than you, even when you applaud them, or focus on the good news.

The good news is, you and I both know that there are world-class experts in whatever it is you or I desire to be great at, and/or feel a need to be great at. Even better news that you might want to sit down for, these world-class experts have proved themselves and now their greatest joy appears to be sharing the precise words and methods they used to get their dreams.

How could you NOT want to sit and listen? If the Olympic champion's sport is of no interest to you, there are thousands of incredibly bright computer whizzes who will help you for free. the finest cooks on the planet, chefs and bakers, mothers of 15 well-fed children, and so many others, ALL have websites and 98% will help you for free.

Should you actually feel a specific, heavy-duty NEED to be great at something, we have extraordinary news for you personally. Your life is going to zoom in the next 100 days, far more so than ever before in your life. I'm the only serious author on the planet willing to give even more than a money-back guarantee on a book. A genuine master or millionaire will personally work with you if your life doesn't radically go up in these next one hundred days.

What else needs to be said? We have the magic, and we mean you and she, I and he, you and us together: we have the resources, and the hunger. the world will do the rest of it for you quickly, and better than maybe even you ever dreamed.

We offer a one-conditional promise and guarantee: We provide money-back AND serious investment in you, and you agree to use any two or more shortcuts in this book. Although just one of them is enough to do the trick, two will reap results that much faster and more productively. God forbid you actually three or four. Whew! You'd be smooooookin' fast!

We'll settle for just those two if you really believe for some reason that you're limited to only two.

Use the two shortcuts (we call them PowerGems, for obvious and self-explanatory reasons) that YOU choose. Within 100 days, your income and other areas of your life will either be fully doubled, or further on their way than ever before in your life. These are realities for those practicing the principles of the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery and particularly those PowerGems, those universal shortcuts that overlap with such delicious consistency of excellence. Being a human version of the horse's mouth is a position to be earned if one is not born a horse.

In addition, the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery, and, more, life itself assures us that, by the time 100 days is up, at least one third to one half of the people who know you well will definitively comment that you have made impressive, serious improvements.



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