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      Talk less and Do more.

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Since you've made the time and effort to come to the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery,
realize and profit from understanding that this really is the world's largest personal website,
certainly the internet's largest personal empowerment website, which can be so much for for you.
The Tao of Shortcuts Mastery aims to be your best - alright, yes, also the largest - personal SELF-empowerment site.
Nothing tastes quite so sweet as the victory that comes exclusively from thousands of tinier steps repeated.

MisterShortcut shares The Tao of Shortcuts Mastery Champions and Billionaires,
using eyecandy and braincandy.

EyeCandy (Yes, same as "Eye Candy") and Brain Candy are designed specifically to appeal to as many of our senses as possible.

The more we enjoy learning something, the better we get at that something.

Makes sense to work backwards, as great philosophers have historically done; starting with the desired end result.

If you understand that we do best at the things we most love to do, it's vital to identify what you love to do,
in order to become world-class at it, hm?

Reach for the best inside of you;
because if you don't.

no one else will.

the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery of Masters and Millionaires Champions and Billionaires
is focused on using shortcuts related to how to succeed faster, developing wealth health success shortcuts, eyecandy braincandy.

These 1,000,000 web pages have all been created by MisterShortcut.
Welcome to The Tao of Shortcuts Mastery Champions and Billionaires,
the world's largest website built by a single pair of hands.

All for you, to live younger longer healthier and happier.

With love,

How Many Tao of Shortcuts Mastery Ways

How many ways of the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery ?
How many ways can we find to tap into what is untapped in YOU?
Considering the fifty-eighth entry into the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery,
why would anyone develop such a fantastic network of millions of unique pages,
if they are all based on just 12,500 Tao of Shortcuts Mastery PowerGem chapters?

A master taught that each of us dances to a different beat. in part because we reserve our choices.
Keeping those choices hidden away in a pocket for future use produce less profit than using them now.
If you understand that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, prove you know by showing more.
What you do speaks so loudly that we can hardly hear a word you say, as your actions are louder.
Your decision to live a life of mediocrity and tragically ignorant slavery to advertising and such,
and the decision to live a life outlasting the physical part, that is the decision only you act on.
It is entirely and exclusively up to you which category you end up in at the end of your life.
Your perception of time is that of a dullard, nodding one's head foolishly at New Year's.
The only birthday worth celebrating is the one where you can count off your progress.
Stop thinking of years and "someday" and recognize that you get 25,000 days or so.
Most humans might get 25,000 good days; the first five thousand are practice.
Use a pen or pencil with a piece of real paper. Count the days of your life.
Subtract what you know has to be taken off the list, ie: 8,000 for sleep.
Ow. Keep counting. See what's left. When you see your last numbers,
you have instant reason, power, and skill in how you will use them.
Spend your minutes, or invest your minutes. It's all up to you.
Minutes and money can be compared until cows come home,
and yet, money can be replaced by asking people again.
Minutes cannot be regained or rebuilt by humans.
Therefore, seek your first profit in minutes.
1,440 opportunities - minutes - every day.
A tiny percent of saving your minutes,
yields a thousand profits and more.
Never pretend to know better,
than those who do better.
Shhh. Less talking,
more doing.
We win.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery is that it already exists within you.
If paid a million dollars for ten of your best ideas, or, better yet, a million dollars for EACH of your ten best ideas,
well, start counting. because it is difficult to see how you would stop yourself from producing MANY great ideas, true?

As surely as the Healthiest Ways To Live is already alive and waiting for you to simply feed your body real food each day,
so, too is the Tao of Shortcuts Mastery just a thought away, a decision away, a determination to put in another one percent or more.